Commercial Renovation What to Expect

  • Multi-Family Properties Do you have an apartment building, manage senior housing or condominium? Capitol Insurance Restorations specializes in remodeling services for multi-family and tenant housing. We provide complete remodeling service from repairs to renovations, improvements, painting and more. Continue Reading
  • Interior Build Outs Whether you have a retail space, medical office building or commercial space, we offer commercial remodeling services to design and build interior spaces. As a commercial remodeling contractor, we are familiar with local and state building codes and can meet all your safety requirements.
  • Exterior Commercial Remodeling The exterior of a building or shopping center is critical to attracting new tenants and customers. Orbe Construction provides high quality exterior commercial remodeling services to ensure that your building remains up to date and continues to thrive.
  • Maintenance & Repairs Having a relationship with a commercial remodeler for your maintenance and repair service can save you money in the long run. Our commercial remodeling division can respond quickly to storm damage, flood, vandalism and other emergency situations to keep your operations running smoothly. And you can count on Capitol Insurance Restorations to always provide fair, up front pricing.

Multi-Family Renovation An Overview

Capitol Insurance Restorations specializes in remodeling and renovation services for multifamily units, apartment buildings, and condominiums. We have an experienced team with specialized skill sets to turn over units quickly without sacrificing quality.

Capitol Insurance Restorations has completed numerous apartment building remodeling projects in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. We provide a full range of renovation services for apartment turnovers. From simple repairs and painting to complete renovations, our multifamily services can help you get tenants in your building, faster.


1. Scope your project From Day one the experienced team at CIR will evaluate your project with an eye for perfection, precision, and an attitude that goes above and beyond the normal scope of work. There arent quickpath of least resistance solutions to these problems, but we enjoy solving them.

2. Execution of project Our entire company is built around customer service, time to site fast response times and quick, high quality, efficient work.

3. We Rise to Any Challenge Insurance or retail-We specialize in complex problems, and we can scale to any size project you present.


You have two primary concerns when it comes time to construct your commercial building: aesthetics and functionality. And those are two things that can be addressed, in large part, with your paint and drywall.

The first thing people see when they walk into your building will be the paint and walls. Your drywall will, of course, provide your commercial building with a sturdy support for its walls. And the paint you apply to those walls will give your business an appealing color palette that will help you to attract a customer base and to provide a colorful, positive atmosphere for your employees.

For optimum drywall installation and repairs as well as the best commercial painting work in Maryland, you want to farm the job out to an experienced professional.

Capitol Insurance Restorations. has quite a few years of experience installing drywall and painting the interior and exterior of commercial buildings. With extensive experience in commercial construction and renovation work, our general contractors are more than capable of handling your drywall and painting service needs in Maryland.

Do not take on the task of installing your companys drywall or painting your company yourself. That risks doing something wrong and ending up with walls that are weak and a paint job that is sloppy. Get guaranteed results with the professionals at Capitol Insurance Restorations. instead. You can trust knowing you are in good hands. Our dedication to perfection and attention to detail will turn your headaches into thinking about other projects for your commercial property.


  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Office
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Senior Care
  • Multi-family housing
  • Community and Cultural
  • Retail/Commercial
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