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Questions To Ask a Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing Contractor

The way you should handle your commercial roof is a bit different than the roof on your home. During a commercial roof inspection, it is essential to know the questions you should ask your commercial roofer so that you can fully understand the condition of your roof. In this post, your trusted Pittsburgh flat roofing contractor, Roof Pro LLC, shares the important questions you should ask during a commercial roofing inspection.

What Part of the Roof Will You Be Focusing On?

When you consider that a commercial roofing system covers a wider area than a residential roof does, it has more vulnerable spots that water and dirt can penetrate. You should ask your Pittsburgh flat roof repair tech this question to obtain a better understanding of where the weakest zones of your roof are. Plus, this is a fabulous opportunity to see how competent they are to work on your commercial roofing system.

How Will You Be Documenting the Inspection?

A professional Pittsburgh commercial roofing service will provide you with documentation through CAD and drone imaging, or some type of schematics that display the condition of your roof. These kinds of professional details will help you evaluate the true condition of your roof and help forecast future roofing projects so you can make an action plan.

What Kind of Materials Do You Work With?

A few types of the most popular commercial roofing materials are EPDM, TPO, and BUR aka built-up-roofing. They all have their own unique benefits that set them apart from the others, and they also require different application techniques for a proper installation. Make sure the Pittsburgh EPDM roofer that you hire is familiar with the kind of roofing system you have.

Enjoy more savings at the end of the day by investing in regular roof maintenance. At Capitol Insurance Restorations, we are GAF Master certified so you can be certain that you are dealing with one of the best that the industry has to offer. We are here to help you with all your commercial roofing needs as the most trusted Pittsburgh flat roof repair and installation contractor in the area. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for your free estimate.


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February 10, 2021
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