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Pittsburgh Flat Roofing; What Material Is Best For Your Commercial Property?

Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing Services

As a local Pittsburgh commercial roofing contractor, we install a lot of single-ply roof membranes that are both durable and energy-efficient providing you with years of valuable protection. There are three primary types of materials that are used in low-slope roofing systems that you should know about if you are the owner or building manager of a commercial building with one. Let us elaborate on that thought...

For many years now, TPO and PVC have been used for their inherent ability to provide your commercial property with terrific energy-efficiency, insulation, and heat resistance. Of the two, TPO is typically a more affordable material and is tremendously effective at withstanding scorching heat and UV light exposure. However, it is prone to what is known as "thermal loading" which is one of its drawbacks when compared with a PVC flat roofing system.

PVC has endured the test of time with its reputation for long-lasting reliability, sometimes lasting decades without needing t to be replaced. However, that does not mean you still should not get regular inspections and maintenance from a local Pittsburgh commercial roofer. Other single-ply commercial roofing materials typically need to be restored about every fifteen years or so. PVC roofing comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses depending on your building's needs. One negative to PVC roofing is that it is slippery, so additional OSHA safety concerns must be considered.

Commercial property owners and building managers that desire to update their commercial property without making any admissions in terms of cost and performance should consider an EPDM membrane roofing system. There are many different reasons to choose this single-ply membrane for your low-slope roofing material including these key attributes; lightweight, waterproof, flexible, easy to install, high tensile strength, and UV & ozone resistant. For more information, contact a local Pittsburgh EPDM roofer.


In the end, there is no said "perfect roofing material" and there are many factors involved. To better assist you with the right low-slope roofing for your building's needs, get in touch with our knowledgeable staff today.

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December 1, 2020
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