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Have You Had Your Commercial Roof Inspected Yet This Year?

With fall here it is an excellent time to schedule a roof inspection with a Pittsburgh commercial roofing service before the weather changes for the worse this winter. Implementing regular roof examinations and maintenance for your business can save you a lot of money at the end of the day and get the most life of your commercial roof. A lack of roofing maintenance and neglect can cause all kinds of other problems for your business too such as inventory loss and closure during the reconstruction process if a major leak occurs.

We Are a GAF Certified Pittsburgh TPO | EPDM Roofer

While our Pittsburgh flat roofing experts are inspecting your roof, they will also look at the gutter drainage system for any problems. Gutter health is an important aspect of owning any building and should always be checked on. Make sure they are always kept clean to ensure that they are draining well.

Heavy storms take their toll on your roof and gutters and a number of problems can pop up. Making repairs to any damaged gutters will really help avoid any serious damages that can result. The foundation of your building can be destroyed by a leaking or clogged gutter system.

When you hire a licensed and bonded Pittsburgh flat roof repair service like Capitol Insurance Restorations, you get a team of experienced experts that will thoroughly examine your roof and provide you with a detailed assessment and estimate if repair is necessary. Even the best commercial roofing materials need maintenance every now and then, so the best thing you can do to protect your commercial property is to start at the top.

Keeping your roof dialed in and well maintained will decrease the possibility of leaks and other unforeseen problems!!!


Our installers are GAF certified so you know you are getting the most skilled and knowledgeable roofer that the industry has to offer. This certification means that the roofs we install are eligible for exceptional warranties that other contractors cannot provide. We can't wait to talk and work with you!

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October 6, 2020
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