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Do Not Let Leaks Cost More Money Than They Have To

Is Your Businesses Roof Leaking? Call a Pittsburgh Flat Roofing Service Today

Roof maintenance is not an exciting improvement project for most people, but it is necessary nonetheless. Why? To begin with, the roof is your businesses primary defensive mechanism against the elements. It protects your tenants and goods from the elements. Some commercial property owners ignore the indicators of roof damage and leaks until it is too late and they require a complete roof replacement. In many circumstances, this is much early than is necessary. Regular roof inspections by a Pittsburgh commercial roofing contractor will save you time and money.

When leaks are neglected, they can cost thousands of dollars in repair bills!!

Water can travel a great distance from where it penetrates a roof, causing damage along the way. If you notice indicators of a leaky roof, such as water spots on the ceiling or peeling paint, you should contact a Pittsburgh flat roof repair contractor as soon as possible. If you do not, here are some of the consequences.

Mold - Wood and water do not mix well. In fact, rot and mold can occur if it is continuously exposed to water. It can sneak into your HVAC system and cause respiratory problems for those who operate in the building if it is not addressed and removed.

Fire Threat - Water and electricity do not mix, posing a fire hazard! Roof leaks enhance your home's risk of fire. At the first sign of a leak, contact a reputable Pittsburgh roofing company for repairs. This will assist prevent moisture from seeping into your electrical equipment.

Energy Wasted - A leaking roof will increase your monthly energy bill. Water can also harm your attic insulation, preventing it from properly regulating your home's temperature throughout the year. This will almost surely raise your monthly energy bills, not to mention the cost of new insulation and installation.

Money lost - A leaking roof allows water into your business's drywall and framing, and failing to fix it as soon as possible will only raise your damage costs. Simply having a Pittsburgh commercial roof repair expert evaluate your roof and replace any leaks they uncover can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs to the interior of your building.

Allowing a leaky roof to cost you more money than it needs to is a bad idea

Our courteous and knowledgeable commercial roofers are available to help you if you have a roof leak or simply want a free inspection for peace of mind.

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June 29, 2021
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